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We can still see you as Open Access / Out-of-Network Providers

(you may even save money!)

We did we choose to become Open Access providers for your insurance? (Eyemed, Spectera, Davis Vision, Superior Vision and Humana Vision Care Plan)

  1. Certain insurances forced us to use their glasses labs. These labs had high cost, low quality products. Now, we can select our lab partnerships to ensure we're always offering high quality lenses. 

    • ​​​Once we became open access providers, we were able to reduce lens prices 40% for the same products, so you may actually save money

  2. Vision plans incentivize high volume practices, and our providers enjoy having the time to connect and provide high quality exams.   

how it works to see us


See one of our trusted providers for your exam.


Pay for your services at check-out


We will electronically submit a claim for you


Your vision plan with mail you a reimbusement check

Did you know eye exams can be billed through vision plans or medical insurance?

We may be out-of-network with your Vision Plan, but most medical insurances will also cover your eye exam if you have a qualifying condition. If you do not have routine vision thorough your medical insurance, the claim will go towards your deductible. 

Please call us if you have any questions, our billing expert is available to help you navigate your insurance!

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how you may actually save $$

You would actually save $56 using out-of-network benefits for your glasses

Since vision plans sell dozens of plans, these numbers represent averages. If you call, we can give you quotes specific to your coverage. These numbers are for Eyemed single vision glasses. 

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