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emergency services

We have an optometrist on-call 24/7 for eye emergencies

Studies have shown that ~90% of eye issues that go to an ER or Urgent Care are more appropriately treated by an optometrist due to the specialist tools and training they have. 

Our doctors are local and on call 24/7 to manage eye emergencies.


Call our main office number, and you will reach one of our optometrists. We will discuss  your case over the phone, meet you at the office, or refer you to the right specialists, depending on your emergency.

Putting Eye Drops

Common emergencies

Eye Injuries

We treat a variety of injuries, including cuts, abrasions and chemical burns.

Eye Infections

We can quickly address eye bacterial, viral and fungal eye infections in patients of all ages.

Foreign Body Removal

Our optometrists are trained to safely remove foreign objective, including metal fragments, organic matter and debris. 

Flashes and Floaters

Sudden increases in flashes and floaters may indicate retinal issues.

Sudden Vision Loss

We provide urgent care for acute changes in vision, as this can indicate time-sensitive problems with the eye. 

Eye Pain

Eye pain and redness can be a sign of underlying eye conditions that require prescription eye drops to go away. 

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