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Medical Eye Care

We have technology to manage a wide array of medical eye problems. The following is a non-comprehensive list of common eye problems we are able to manage

Dry Eye

We have an instrument that helps us diagnose underlying causes of dry eye to make tailored treatment plans. This can include over the counter options, prescriptions medications and in-office treatments. We can also recommend environmental and lifestyles changes.



We have all the instruments to manage glaucoma at Carbon Valley Eye Care. This includes early detection, ongoing monitoring and personalized treatment plans. 

We also have an in-office laser treatment (SLT) to help reduce eye pressure.


Diabetic Eye Exams

We recommend annual retina exams for anyone with diabetes to prevent diabetic vision loss. Following your assessment, we work closely with your primary care physician or endocrinologist to coordinate your care. 


Macular Degeneration

We monitor patients with dry macular degeneration for signs of progression or conversion to wet. We can make lifestyle recommendations to help slow the progression and can facilitate referrals to retinal specialists or low vision support if needed. 


Cataracts- monitoring & surgical co-management

Cataracts are a normal, age-related change to the eye. We do annual monitoring to determine when surgical intervention is indicated. 

Our doctors work with the best cataract surgeons in the area. Pre-operative appointments are done at our office once a month. Our doctors will perform all your post-operative care. 


YAG- lens clouding after cataract surgery

Occasionally, patients experience a clouding of their implanted lens after cataract surgery. Our doctors utilize a non-invasive YAG laser procedure to remove the clouding. 


Eye Infections (conjunctivitis or "pink eye")

We have same-day appointments for emergencies, including eye infections. We can prescribe the appropriate medications or treatments to alleviate symptoms. 


Flashes and Floaters

Acute changes in flashes or floaters can indicate a retina issue. Our team provides prompt diagnostic exams to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. If needed, we will arrange a referral to the best local specialists for immediate treatment. 


Foreign Bodies

All our doctors are comfortable with the removal of foreign bodies, including metal fragments. We can also prescribe medications and place bandage contact lenses that ensure your eye heals appropriately 


Get in Touch

We provide same-day appointments for emergencies. If you have an urgent need outside of our normal office hours, call our main office number to reach the on-call doctor. 

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