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A new kind of vision plan built around your needs

Carbon Valley Eye Care is pleased to offer EyeSave — a complete eye care subscription service designed to save you significant money on exams, glasses and contacts — all year round

why did we create eyesave?

Welcome to the future of eye care

For too long, Vision Plans and budget optical chains have played shell games with patients.

Vision Plans discount monthly premiums, only to surprise members with high copays and limited coverage at time of service. Budget optical chains advertise cheap eye exams, then try to “bait & switch” when you come in.

We asked ourselves, what if there was a better way?

what is eyesave?

EyeSave is our solution to expensive eye care costs provided by traditional vision plans. It's an all-in-one, complete eye care subscription for you and your family. For a low, monthly charge.


Comprehensive Eye & Contact Lens Exam

Your membership in our EyeSave program includes a comprehensive eye and contact lens fit each year.


3 additional office visits as needed.


Significant Eyewear & Contact Discounts

Access to unbelievable discounts on eyewear & contact lenses. 


Retinal Imaging & OCT at NO extra charge

Retina Imaging at no charge (may not need dilation). Retina OCT at no charge (detects early retina issues)


Savings on specialty services

  • 50% off speciality lens fitting fees (sclerals, RGPs, hybrids)

  • 25% off myopia control and orthokeratology 

  • Dry Eye Evaluation for $80 (normally $250)

  • 25% off MiboFlow (dry eye treatment)


No limit on savings

No limits. Want contacts and glasses? 2 pair of glasses? Once you’re a member, there is no limit to how often you take advantage of your discounts. Benefits don’t expire.


Absolutely Zero Copays

No copays, no out of pocket “extra” costs, no surprises.


So, how much does all this cost?

It was always our goal to provide affordable eye care with the same incredible service you’re used to. With one, low monthly payment, take advantage of every-thing we have to offer.

Initial Member

$25 / month


$22 / month

Adult Children

$19 / month

(17 & under)

$16 / month

How much can I actually save?

You save hundreds of dollars per year as an EyeSave member compared to paying cash. We've taken the time to put together a couple example savings for different households so you don't have to

new patient

Family of 4

More on WHY we created EyeSave

The economics of eye care has a fundamental problem. 


Eye care became devalued when corporations began running optical stores (as far back as the 1950s). Large corporate chains realized they could pay optometrists, advertise discounted eye exams, and make up the difference selling inexpensive glasses at huge markups (often with bait-and-switch marketing).


Vision plans were originally created as a response by groups of private practice optometrists as a way to stay competitive. Unfortunately, over time, they became their own corporate entities and now their only goal is to increase profits for shareholders.


This puts private practice optometrists in a tough position. They are pressured to play the same “game,” marking down eye exams and making up the difference with markups elsewhere. We feel this is the opposite of how things should be. Eye exams should be provided at a fair value, and the markup on goods should be minimal.


Thus, we created EyeSave. EyeSave is a monthly subscription that gives you access to the best eye care and the best discounts on glasses and contacts (even better than with vision insurance).


Your membership in our EyeSave program gives you access to our doctors as needed, up to 4 times per year. No copays, no out of pocket “extra” costs. If you have needs beyond routine eye care (dry eye care, custom contacts, etc…) the services are significantly discounted.

Additionally, EyeSave members get glasses and contacts lenses to members at the lowest pricing we can afford. This allows you to get the best care and the highest quality glasses and contacts you need for prices that you simply can’t get otherwise. Unlike vision plans, there is no limit (like glasses OR contacts). You get the discounted pricing on as many things as you need or want.


If you typically pay out of pocket for eye care, or your plan is not accepted at our office, EyeSave is for you.

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