Accepting a variety of insurance

Carbon Valley Eye Care works with the following insurance companies and vision plans. As the health insurance industry evolves, we work to stay in network with as many plans as possible. If your company is listed, please let us know at the time of scheduling so we can confirm we are in network with your specific plan.

If your insurance is not listed, please let us know and we will inquire about getting in network.

Vision Plans (in network)

VSP (Vision Service Plan)

Vision Plans (Open Access, AKA out of network)

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Davis Vision
Superior Vision
Humana Vision Care Plan
(Humana VCP)

Medical Insurance

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Banner Health
Blue Cross Shield
CNIC Health Solutions
Colorado Access
Colorado Health OP
Freedom Life Insurance of America
GEHA Benefit Plan
(Government Employees Health Association)
Health First Colorado
HealthSCOPE Benefits Inc.
Humana Gold Plus
(all Medicare supplemental plans)
Most Medicare Complete Plans
Met Life
Omaha Insurance Company
Rocky Mountain HMO
Rocky Mountain UFCW
United Health Care
United Medical Resources
VA (Veterans Affairs)
Including the eyeglasses benefit

If you have insurance through out of network vision plans, you are welcome to use our office as your eye care provider. We are happy to assist you in filling out any necessary claim forms. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your plan has out of network coverage, and to know your coverage details. We can not provide that information to you. If you are using out of network benefits at our office, we require payment at time of service.

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What is an Open Access Provider?

As an open-access provider, you can use your Vision Plan at our office. We can see your open-access benefits in real-time and submit a claim for you directly. Call us for your specific plan details!

In many cases, we can bill your exam through your medical insurance. By combining your Vision Plan open-access benefits and our internal discounts, many patients have found that their total out of pocket expenses for glasses or contacts have been similar to when we were in-network.

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Why Are We an Open Access Provider?

Our office has made the difficult decision to become open access providers for certain vision plans. We are frequently asked, “Why”?

Please know that we never made any of these decisions without many hours of contemplation.

Vision Plans have not increased reimbursements for decades despite increasing labor and overhead costs. They expect optometrists to make up for this by seeing patients faster and faster. We were faced with a question that would define the culture of our office:

“Do we work for insurance companies, or do we work for our patients?”

The answer was simple, we work for YOU, our patients. We decided that seeing patients faster and faster, simply to make up for inadequate reimbursement, was unsustainable. We reached the breaking point when continuing to remain in-network was compromising the quality of care we aim to provide. Our goal is to provide only the best level of eye care.

You can still come to our office! Vision Plans almost always have out of network benefits. We have software that can give us your real-time benefits, and we can submit the claim for you.

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