Why We're Leaving VSP

Effective November 1st, 2023, we will be out-of-network providers with Vision Service Plan (VSP). You’re likely wondering what that means for you & your ability to get exams at our office.

Most VSP plans have out-of-network benefits, and we will submit the claim electronically for you. Follow the QR code to see how it works. Also, many medical insurance plans cover eye exams. Medical insurance covers an eye exam if you have dry eyes, headaches, cataracts, diabetes, etc. See the insurance page of our website for a longer list. Our insurance department will be happy to help you check your coverage.

Why did we make this difficult decision?

It’s always been our mission to deliver the best possible eyecare, high quality glasses, and contact lenses at fair prices, in a friendly and professional first-class office.

Why accepting VSP does not allow us to deliver on our mission:

VSP hasn’t changed reimbursement to doctors in over 20 years. They expect us to pay staff and invest in new equipment with fees they last updated in the 1990s.

VSP is a monopoly. They own frame brands, lens brands, contact lens brands, and have their own retail outlets. They incentivize independent practices to steer you into their products, even if it’s not in your best interest. We have never played their game, and as a result they pay us even less.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that vision plans have been forcing independent optometrists into doing things that aren’t in YOUR best interest for years, and we’ve decided “no more.”

Have you heard about EyeSave?

We are a locally-owned small business in your community and we still want to be your provider for eye care. If you have any choice about your vision coverage (for example, during open enrollment), consider our internal savings plan, EyeSave.

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