Vision therapy and rehabilitation

Physical therapy for the eyes and brain. A highly effective non-surgical treatment.

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The benefits

1 in 8 people have deficient visual skills

  • Vision Rehabilitation helps to relearn these skills after they have been damaged by traumatic brain injuries such as concussions and strokes.
  • 1 in 8 people have deficient visual skills that create symptoms in day to day life and 80% of children with delays in reading have a visual deficit that contributes to the delays. These deficits are almost always missed in school screenings and frequently missed by routine exams as well.

Vision Therapy can be used to address underdeveloped visual skills related to focusing, eye teaming, and eye movements. When untreated, these poor skills can negatively affect reading and athletic abilities.

Symptoms of visual issues

Common symptoms of visual deficits include headaches, words running together, skipping words or lines, poor handwriting, motion sickness, vision worsening throughout the day, poor reading comprehension, fatigue with near work, and a number of other symptoms. These deficiencies are best addressed through vision therapy, which works much like physical therapy for the eyes.

Injuries can disrupt the visual system, too

Additionally, head injuries such as concussions and whiplash can disrupt the visual system. 90% of closed head injuries result in difficulties with eye movements. This significantly impacts the ability to read fluidly and comfortably. While these symptoms can resolve on their own over the course of several months, vision rehabilitation can speed recovery or assist in rebuilding the skills when spontaneous recovery does not occur.

Vision therapy and rehabilitation is provided in partnership with the Colorado Center for Visual Performance. If you'd like to contact the Colorado Center for Visual Performance directly, please call (303) 284-5172. Be sure to visit their site to learn more.

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