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Providing examinations as early as six months designed to ensure the best vision for your child.

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Our doctors are experienced when it comes to caring for children’s eyes! Dr. Berger is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. This distinction is earned by optometrists who are focused on children’s and developmental vision. Drs. Koditek and Kiyota are also trained and experienced in children’s eye care.

When Should My Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

We follow the guidelines of the American Optometric Association, summarized below:

1. FIRST EXAM: between 6-12 months of age. While this may seem early, it allows us to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and developing normally.

- We are the only InfantSee provider in the Carbon Valley community – meaning we offer no-cost comprehensive eye exams to children age 6-12 months.

2. SECOND EXAM: Around 3 years of age. This exam is primarily to ensure correct eye alignment and check for significant prescriptions. There are also rare ocular diseases that can be first detected at this age.

3. THIRD EXAM: the Spring/Summer before your child starts kindergarten. We also offer a visual processing assessment, designed to evaluate if your child is prepared for the increased visual demands that come with school.

Children's Eye Care FAQ's

• How do you know if a young child needs glasses?

    - Retinoscopy. This procedure allows an optometrist to measure the power of the eye, and determine if glasses are needed, even without the cooperation of a child. It is a skill requiring many hours of training and practice, and our doctors are very experienced.

• My child had their eyes checked at their doctor’s visit/school screening, is that OK?

   - A study conducted by the State University of New York found that 41% of children who were only tested for acuity (how low they could read the eye chart) had other eye problems that were missed. A vision screening is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam.

Does your child's vision get a little worse each year? New research has provided different techniques to reduce how quickly vision changes during growth. Ask us about our Myopia Control program!

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