Why You Should Switch to Daily Contacts

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Daily disposable contact lenses are by far the healthiest option for your eyes.

Many eye infections are caused by two issues, improper cleaning or wearing lenses too long. CDC studies show that at least 40% of people don’t clean their lenses properly. Both of these problems go away with daily lenses.

Did you know sleeping in your contacts is another major reason why people end up with some sort of eye injury? Patients who wear daily lenses almost never sleep in their lenses because there is no hassle, just remove contacts and throw them away. There is no cleaning needed, and the next morning you open a new, sterile set of lenses.

Long term wearers can develop Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC), a condition that causes eye irritation, and in severe cases, patients have to stop wearing contact lenses. Studies show that patients who wear daily lenses have the lowest incidence of this potentially severe complication.

Common Reasons Why Patients Wear Daily Disposable Contacts

Daily lenses are less dry and more comfortable  because they are brand new every day. They are also more convenient since there is no need for a cleaning routine.

In addition, daily lenses are the safest option for children and teenagers who might otherwise have questionable wearing habits, as they are most likely to sleep in lenses and wear them too long. Also - now you never need to purchase or worry about running out of contact lens solution, since you don’t need that any more.

Daily contacts are great for travel and an active lifestyle. No matter when you need them, or what you need them for, you always have a clean fresh new pair. Do you only wear contacts once in a while? Daily contacts make that much easier.

Common Misconceptions

Many people assume they can’t wear daily lenses because they have astigmatism, or wear bifocal contacts. There are daily lenses for almost every prescription.

Another common assumption is that daily contacts are way more expensive. 20 years ago, that was true. Now they are worn by 50% of patients, and the prices have dropped as the options have expanded. In some cases, they are actually less expensive!

Some people think daily contacts cause “more waste,” but there are free programs for recycling all components of daily use lenses, including a free drop site at our office.

Overall, daily contacts are far better than reusable lenses. Everyone is making healthier choices in 2021, why not start with your eyes? To make the switch today, contact our office at (303) 833-1056 or email us at info@carbonvalleyecare.com.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a clearer and healthier vision.

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