We Won CooperVision's 2021 Best Practices!

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We won the 2021 CooperVision Best Practices Award!

What is the Best Practices Award?

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses. They started this program in 2015 to identify peer-selected Best Optometry Practices across the United Sates. The goal is to recognize and bring together innovative practices and leaders to share the aspects on how best to care for patients.

What Made Us Stand Out?

First and foremost was our level of patient care. During our expansion into a larger office, our focus never wavered. Each patient deserves caring, individualized attention, and we strive to deliver. We make every decision with our patients’ eye health and eye care needs as the primary focus. Our commitment to embracing the latest in diagnostic technology reduced our need to refer patients out for testing. We believe patients in our community deserve to have a state-of-the art practice, and deserve to get the care they need close to home. We are committed to sustainability: We made a significant investment in our new building to cover the roof with solar panels and cover 100% of our electricity needs with renewable energy. We give back. We support local charitable events throughout each year, and this past Christmas, we donated gifts to an army unit that was deployed overseas.

A Quote From CooperVision About Carbon Valley Eye Care:

“As with many industries, the field of optometry is ever changing, which presents new challenges for eye care professionals every day”, said Michele Andrews, OD, Vice President, Professional & Government Affairs, CooperVision. “Creative, innovative practitioners and their staff—like those at Carbon Valley Eye Care—are overcoming those challenges, delivering the best possible eye care to their patients, and building prosperous practices in the process. These are exactly the experiences we set out to uncover with the Best Practices initiative, and it’s truly inspiring.”

Thank You To All Our Patients!

Thank you to all our patients for your loyal support! We would not have received this amazing award without you!

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