The Benefits of EyeSave

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The Benefits of EyeSave:

Our In-House Savings Program

Routine eye exams are essential. Not only do you need to be able to see clearly, routine eye exams can detect problems early, before they become harder to treat. Many people often neglect eye care and avoid regular exams. In reality, eye care is just as important as your routine physical. With the right optometry practice and excellent eye care service, you can ensure your eyes are healthy, even if you don’t need glasses.

Eye exams, glasses, and contacts without good vision insurance plans can be expensive with upfront costs and upkeep. Vision insurance plans and smaller optical chains advertise affordable services that are appealing but often hide high copays and limited coverage. These additional fees or charges can leave you with a higher expense than if you had gone with a quality eye care facility that offers convenient payment options. EyeSave is an option that allows for a low monthly charge, perfect for you and your family to keep up on your vision care.

Benefits of Enrolling in EyeSave

EyeSave is an innovative and comprehensive solution to combat the high cost of caring for your eyesight through traditional vision plans. EyeSave offers several benefits that will allow you to ensure your eyes are in good health and get the glasses or contacts you need without breaking the bank.

Benefits of EyeSave include:

·  Significant Eyewear and Contact Discounts – EyeSave membership provides members with considerable savings and access to discounts on eyewear, contacts, and many services. In almost all cases, the savings completely offsets the membership fee.

·  No Copays or Extra Costs – With a membership, you don’t have to worry about expensive upfront costs or copays. There are no hidden fees or charges for visiting your eye doctor. 

·  No Limits or Limited Coverage – There is no limit to how often you can use your discounts on services or glasses. They don’t expire or have a number that you can use. If you want several pairs of glasses, you’re free to use your discount on every single pair. 

·  Comprehensive Eye and Contact Lens Exam – A comprehensive eye exam every year is included. If you wear contact lenses, the contact lens exam is no charge. Additionally, you get up to three additional office visits in case you get an eye infection, injury, etc…

·  Incredible Discounts on Specialty Contact Lens Exams & Lenses – If you wear Scleral contact lenses, RGP (hard) contact lenses, hybrid lenses, or custom soft lenses (or any custom contact lens), you can not beat EyeSave pricing. If you wear these types of contact lenses, you get access to the best practitioners and prices.

·  Save BIG on Specialty Services – If you need any specialty services to further care for your eye health, such as myopia control or corneal refractive therapy (AKA orthokeratology), you can save 25% for each treatment. For dry eye evaluation, you only pay $80 compared to the original cost of $250. 

·  Includes Retinal Imaging and Retina OCT – Retinal imaging is an advanced technology used to take images of the inside of your eye to determine the health of your retina, optic nerve, and macula. In many cases, this avoids having to be dilated. It can uncover eye disorders earlier, before they become more difficult to treat (e.g. Glaucoma). These services are included at no charge with your EyeSave membership.  

Good, healthy vision can help you improve your ability to learn and function in your everyday activities. When you need comprehensive coverage, EyeSave can provide you with the support you need to ensure your vision is at optimal health, leading to a better quality of life.

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