Essential Contact Lens Care

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Contact lenses offer a convenient and effective alternative to eyeglasses, providing clear vision and more freedom in physical activities. However, proper care of contact lenses is essential to avoid eye infections and maintain eye health. Here are some expert tips to ensure your contact lenses remain safe and comfortable to use:

Understanding the Risks

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Improper care of contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections. It's vital to follow your eye care provider's instructions diligently. Old or ill-fitting lenses can scratch the eye or cause dangerous conditions, such as blood vessels growing into the cornea.

Proper Cleaning and Disinfection

Always clean and disinfect your lenses after each use. The choice of cleaning method depends on the lens type, any allergies you have, or if your eyes are prone to protein deposits. Consult your eye doctor for suitable cleaning solutions.

Adherence to Instructions

Strictly follow the schedule given by your eye doctor for wearing and replacing lenses. Also, heed the directions from both the lens and cleaning solution manufacturers. If lenses are stored for an extended period, they may require re-disinfection before use.

Avoiding Water Exposure

Never wear contact lenses in showers, pools, or any water body. Water can harbor microorganisms harmful to the eyes.

Handling Lenses Carefully

Always wash hands before handling lenses and use the recommended 'rub and rinse' method for cleaning. Never use saliva or water as a substitute for lens solution.

Case Maintenance

Keep your lens case clean and air-dried. Replace it every three months or if it's damaged. Only use sterile solutions for rinsing the case.

Personal Suitability

Contact lenses aren’t suitable for everyone. If you have frequent eye infections, severe allergies, dry eyes, or work in dusty environments, consult your eye doctor for alternatives.

Regular Eye Check-ups

Ensure your contact lenses fit correctly and the prescription is up-to-date through regular eye exams.

Remember, the key to comfortably and safely wearing contact lenses lies in meticulous care and following professional advice. Always prioritize your eye health and consult with your ophthalmologist or eye care professional for personalized guidance.

FAQs On Contact Lens Care:

Can I wear contact lenses while swimming or showering?

It's not recommended to wear contact lenses while swimming or showering. Exposure to water can increase the risk of eye infections due to microorganisms present in the water.

How often should I replace my contact lens case?

Replace your contact lens case at least every three months, or sooner if it gets cracked or damaged, to prevent contamination and ensure hygiene.

Is it safe to use saliva to moisten my contact lenses?

No, you should never use saliva to moisten contact lenses. Saliva is not sterile and can introduce bacteria to your lenses and eyes.

How do I know if my contact lenses are causing an eye infection?

Symptoms like redness, pain, sensitivity to light, blurry vision, or discharge from the eye can indicate an infection. If you experience these symptoms, remove your lenses and consult an eye doctor immediately.

Can I sleep in my daily wear contact lenses?

Answer: No, you should not sleep in daily wear contact lenses as it increases the risk of eye infections and other complications. Always remove them before sleeping.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a clearer and healthier vision.

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