Announcing our New Dry Eye Equipment

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At Carbon Valley Eye Care, we are excited to announce that we now have the latest technology to manage Dry Eye disease, with our recent addition of the Oculus Keratograph and the MiBo ThermoFlo.

The Oculus Keratograph performs many tests and summarizes the results in the “Crystal TEAR Report” in under 5 minutes. This report helps identify the cause(s) of your Dry Eye disease, guides your treatment, and allows us to track your response to treatment.

The MiBo Thermoflo is an innovative tool for managing dry eye disease. The ThermoFlo therapy uses thermoelectric heat to heat the meibomian glands to a therapeutic temperature of 108 degrees that helps liquefy viscous meibomian gland secretions, which is the hallmark of meibomian gland disease. The heat also stimulates your meibomian glands to produce more meibum (the oily layer of the tear film).

This therapy treatment is a safe and painless procedure (it feels very nice!), and is significantly more cost effective than other, similar devices. A session usually involves a minimum of eight minutes per eye. For optimum results, we ask you to remove your contacts and eye makeup before the therapy.

Unsure if your eyes are dry? Here are some common eye symptoms associated with Dry Eye disease:

•   Burning

•   Irritation

•   Redness (the root cause of red eyes is almost always dryness)

•   Watery eyes

•   Blurred vision

•   Sandy feeling

These symptoms tend to be more pronounced after being outside, working at a computer, or reading. Some patients wake up with eye dryness, and some have dryness progress towards the end of the day. No matter the time these symptoms occur, it is distracting and can cause significant pain and discomfort.

For more information about Dry Eye disease, the ThermoFlo treatment, or Carbon Valley Eye Care, call us at (303) 833-1056 or visit our website at You may also fill out our form to request an appointment. We proudly serve the Carbon Valley Community and all surrounding areas including Denver!

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