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Save money with your Out of Network Benefits

Exciting news! We have decided to become an open network practice which means you, as a patient, will be able to take advantage of our new low pricing, utilizing your out-of-network benefits. You'll be surprised on how much you can save! Read below to learn more and what this means for you.

See how much you could be saving

We did the math so you don't have to.

Surprised? We were too. Vision Plans force offices to play a shell game with prices. Once we became Open Access, we were able to drop our lens prices 40%, while still delivering premium materials.

Since Vision Plans sell dozens of plans, these numbers represent averages. Please call us to get your exact numbers in real time.

Single Vision Glasses with anti-glare, impact resistant, digitally surfaced lenses

With Eyemed at an In-Network Office with average copays.

Single Vision
Lens Copay
Digital Copay
Polycarbonate Copay
Anti-Glare Copay
Savings with
Carbon Valley
Single Vision Glasses with anti-glare, impact resistant, digitally surfaced lenses

Total costs with average out of network benefits.

Single Vision Glasses
Upfront Cost
Back to You
$159 (package price)
$208After Reimbursement
Savings of $56
What is an Open Access Provider?

Real time claims submitted in minutes, not days.

As an open-access provider, while we are not in-network, we can still provide you with services/materials and be able to verify your insurance benefits/coverage in real time. No more waiting days or even weeks to determine your savings and eligibility

Concierge Services

Navigating through insurance is hard. Our team has the experience to help you understand your vision insurance coverage and help you use them.

Better Partnerships

Because we are an open network practice, we are able to carefully select the labs we work with to ensure you get a high quality of services/materials each and every time

More Options

Don’t worry about your insurance plan dictating which types of frames you can choose from. Anything you see out on display at our practice, you can still purchase and STILL have your insurance cover some/all of the cost!

Save $$$

Compared to In-Network


The Good and the Great News for You, the Patient

The Good News

Many of our patients will be unaffected by this change, including patients who have routine vision coverage through their medical health insurance. Not sure? Ask us!

The Great News

Using an open access provider gives you the freedom to use the latest technology and materials. You'll be able to continue using your vision benefits with real time claim checks at our office.

Our Solution

Switching our contract to an open access provider gives you the freedom to use your vision benefits for the top quality eye care we provide at Carbon Valley Eye Care

Want more details on why our practice is making these decisions?
Our providers

All Open Access Providers with Carbon Valley

We are now open access providers for the following insurance plans.

Davis Vision
Superior Vision
Humana Vision Care Plan
medical coverage

Does medical insurance cover my exam?

This list is not complete, but just many examples of when your medical insurance might cover your exam. Questions? Please call our office, or email us at to have our insurance specialists help you figure out your coverage.

Assessing hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) retinotoxicity risk
Herpes zoster ophthalmicus
Diabetic microvascular retinopathy
Eye Pain: Trichiasis, ectropion, entropion, lagophthalmos
Bell's Palsy
Acute symptomatic posterior vitreous detachments
Corneal dystrophies
Acute red eyes: allergic, bacterial, viral, chlamydial
Optic neuritis
Injuries & abrasions
Epiphora (Watery Eyes)
Giant cell (temporal) arteritis
Meibomian gland dysfunction
Recurrent corneal erosion
Contact blepharodermatitis
Dry eye disease
Giant papillary conjuctivitis
Superior limbic keratoconjuctivitis
Epithelial basement membrane assessment and monitoring
Phylctenular keratoconjunctivitis
The macular degenerations
Eroding tarsal concretions causing foreign body sensation
Presurgical cataract care
Thygeson's superficial punctate keratopathy
Postoperative care for numerous surgeries
Transient vision loss from carotid artery disease
Eyelid infections: acute hordeola, styes
Ocular migraines
The gamut of contact lens complications
Corneal infiltrates, ulcers, CLARE

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a clearer and healthier vision.

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What is an Open Access Provider?

As an open-access provider, you can use your Vision Plan at our office. We can see your open-access benefits in real-time and submit a claim for you directly. Call us for your specific plan details!

In many cases, we can bill your exam through your medical insurance. By combining your Vision Plan open-access benefits and our internal discounts, many patients have found that their total out of pocket expenses for glasses or contacts have been similar to when we were in-network.

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Why Are We an Open Access Provider?

Our office has made the difficult decision to become open access providers for certain vision plans. We are frequently asked, “Why”?

Please know that we never made any of these decisions without many hours of contemplation.

Vision Plans have not increased reimbursements for decades despite increasing labor and overhead costs. They expect optometrists to make up for this by seeing patients faster and faster. We were faced with a question that would define the culture of our office:

“Do we work for insurance companies, or do we work for our patients?”

The answer was simple, we work for YOU, our patients. We decided that seeing patients faster and faster, simply to make up for inadequate reimbursement, was unsustainable. We reached the breaking point when continuing to remain in-network was compromising the quality of care we aim to provide. Our goal is to provide only the best level of eye care.

You can still come to our office! Vision Plans almost always have out of network benefits. We have software that can give us your real-time benefits, and we can submit the claim for you.

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